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September 8th, 2020


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Easing the Pain: How to Handle Layoffs

Layoffs are never pleasant...for those on the receiving end and those on the giving end. This article offers tips on how you can ease the pain that comes when layoffs are required. Readers are advised on how to stay open and honest with employees, how to be respectful of their feelings, how to support the morale of the remaining staff, and how to be up front with customers during this difficult time. As an added value, this article provides advice on how to avoid legal risk during a layoff, and even suggestions as to layoff alternatives.
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Effective Performance Review Can Help Retain Employees

Performance reviews take a lot of time and they can be a pain in the neck to complete, so it's no surprise managers don't like to do them. This article contains some tips to help you do a better job of reviewing performance.

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Key Steps In Effective Layoffs

If you're in the unfortunate position of having to do a layoff, here are some of the key steps you need to take.
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Maintaining Morale And Productivity During Layoffs

The uncertainty caused by layoffs can impact both companies and employees in many ways, most of them negative. During large-scale layoffs, morale and productivity can plummet. Here are some action steps to take if your firm is currently undertaking or considering layoffs.
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MANAGING DIVERSITY: Meeting the Needs of Workforce 2020

Organizations are responding to the diverse needs of their employees in a number of different ways. Outlined here are some ideas that might be adopted as a means to introduce diversity.
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